THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The BBQ you catered for our wedding dinner was excellent. Hands down the best tasting BBQ I’ve had in Cedar Rapids. We loved the fact that the meat didn’t come already sauced. The meat was so tender and not over smoked. It was just right. For me, the ribs and the smoked turkey can’t be touched; but my wife’s favorite was the brisket. She like that it had such a great flavor and not dry like a certain BBQ place in town. Many of my guests said many great things about the sides as well. Especially the cheesy potatoes. We really appreciate the fact that it was a no mess, no hassle setup and take down. That was a big load off our minds that you guys took care of plates, setup of the line and did the cooking onsite. Thanks again.
Sincerely, Holly & Lamont Marshall


"I served your wonderful pulled pork and BBQ sauce to the cast and crew involved in the filming of the movie "A Place for Heroes". The actors and actresses (Paul Sorvino, Sally Kellerman, Ellen Dolan, Salome Jens) came to Traer, Iowa from New York and California and thought your BBQ was superb and they loved our mid-west cooking. I am so glad a friend recommended you and I will certainly do the same.
Thank You.
Cecilia Podhajsky

“After living in the South, I thought I had tasted the best BBQ until I tried Smokin' Bonz BBQ. It is smoked to perfection, not too spicy, and very lean. The sauce is tangy, beautifully complex and yet complements the meats perfectly. You will find that Smokin’ Bonz BBQ meats can easily stand alone without sauce. You have to try the BBQ. You will not be disappointed!”
Kendall Krouse

“Smokin Bonz catered my Christmas day dinner. They showed up bright and early on Christmas morning as promised, bearing the gift of The BEST BBQ in town! My family and I could not have been more pleased. The Ribs, Brisket, and Turkey were all so good!! I have sampled everything they have to offer and love it all. Thanks Smokin Bonz!”
Jill Christine

“We live near St. Louis, MO, and ordered Smokin' Bonz BBQ long distance for our Christmas holiday meals. Rather than just repeat after other Smokin' Bonz BBQ customers and sing the praises of this amazing BBQ, we can address the question of how well Smokin' Bonz BBQ meat will travel. Never fear! Our turkey, brisket and ham arrived with days to spare and were vacuum-packed and cut into meal-size portions. Amazing instructions were provided for reheating and all the meat retained its beautifully smoked flavor and was moist and tender! We especially enjoyed the smoked turkey (a very nice change from the Thanksgiving roasted turkey of only a month before)! Another great surprise was that the BBQ sauce was sent in a jar, so individuals could use the amount each preferred. Congratulations on a delicious product and thanks for helping to make our holidays special!”
Vicki Dowling & Gene Overman


“We were at two different events that Smokin' Bonz was catering and it is simply the best BBQ we have ever had! In meeting Francis it was apparent that this is truly his passion, and that comes out in the perfectly prepared meat, and his home-made Sauces. We have purchased Ham and Turkey from Smokin’ Bonz during the holiday season, and the extended family loved it as well! I can't wait for a Smokin’ Bonz Restaurant!
Jay & Kim Kurth

“These folks catered two events for us, a graduation party and a prenuptial party. Personally, I LOVED the brisket best, but the pulled pork and smoked turkey rocked too! All the sides were excellent especially the potato salad. No complaints at all, just great barbecue supplied by some really nice folks.”
Jerome & Mary Brich

"Best BBQ in Cedar Rapids! Melt in your mouth brisket and the side dishes are outstanding!"
Mindy Seiffert


"We would like to thank SMOKIN’ BONZ BBQ for being such a huge part of our wedding day! The food was AWSOME, it smelled great & everyone loved it. Even my ‘VEGETARIAN’ friends were eating BBQ! Thanks again for making our day extra special"

Kate & Michael Richard


"We love Smokin' Bonz BBQ's generous selection of subtly smoked meats, the interesting variety of exclusive gourmet cherry-based sauces, and the mouth-watering side dishes ranging from savory to sweet. Be forewarned: your guests will want seconds and thirds and will stay at your party for hours!"
Jean McDonald & Jeff Brich


“We enjoyed the foods you prepared at Brad’s birthday party. All the meats & sides were prepared and presented perfectly. Your sauces were very good and unlike most out there now. We recommend SMOKIN BONZ BBQ to everyone!!!”

Howard “Chuck” Norris


“SMOKIN’ BONZ Catering offers a unique barbeque experience with luscious barbeque sauces, high quality meats, fabulous side dishes, professional, dependable, reasonably prices services. Francis & Christine’s passion for barbeque and their attention to every detail make dinners catered by SMOKIN’ BONZ both a great experience and a savory memory.”
Mary & Dell Richard


“We absolutely LOVE the ribs, pulled pork and turkey breast we've ordered from Smokin' Bonz! We've given the ribs as gifts to family and friends, so we're proud exporters of Smokin’ Bonz products to the cities of Des Moines, Charleston, South Carolina and Cleveland, Ohio. Keep up the fantastic work - our stomachs thank you!”
Steve, Maggie, and Will Jackson


“The food is so bad, I had to go back 3 times just to make sure! Yep I’m sure…it ROCKS!”
Gordon Malone.


“I can honestly say, without a doubt there are not enough words to describe how wonderful your foods tastes. It is just fabulous…..fabulous!”
Jim LeFever


“The meat has an amazing smoky flavor, and the different degrees of sauces enhance the flavor, so that everyone can enjoy themselves”
Tony & Toni Kautz


“My favorite sauce is the 4X (Super Spicy) but still has that sweet BBQ flavor that I love. It always seems to me that BBQ smells better than it tastes, but in the case of SMOKIN’ BONZ, they deliver the goods. The flavor is every bit as intense as its incredible aroma. I can never get enough!!”
Mary Chicchelly


“SMOKIN’ BONZ BBQ has a mouthwatering assortment of smoked meats, tasty sides and delicious sauces. The meat is moist, tender, and flavorful, you can enjoy it with or without the BBQ sauces. However, when I choose the BBQ sauce, I appreciate the 4X for a real spicy kick!”
Nicole French.


"We will be needing more BBQ Sauce very soon!!! We love it!!! The "BEST" BBQ Sauce ever!!! Everyone HAS to try it to BELIEVE it!!! NOT KIDDIN' FOLKS!!! BEST EVER!!!

Paula Jean Lawrence

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