Sweet BBQ Sauce

Lip Smackin' Cherry Logo

Lip Smackin' Cherry:

A totally sweet "Bing" Cherry taste with a smoky smooth finish. One the whole family can enjoy. This is the mildest of all our sauces.

Original Cherry SINsation Logo

Original Cherry SINsation:

A tangy, yet spicier version of our Lip Smackin' sauce. Just enough spice for the weak at heart.

  Spicy BBQ Sauce

Lip Smackin Cherry Log

Smoldering Cherry (X):

A sweet, smooth, yet spicy finishing sauce that will not burn your lips. Feel the heat climb back up and warm your chest.

Sizzling Cherry Logo

Sizzling Cherry (XX):

If you like heat, this is the place for you to start. Full bodied cherry flavor with the sizzle of fiery heat you crave. This sauce keeps you coming back for more.

Fiery Cherry Logo

Fiery Cherry (XXX):

Man is it hot in here. Nope it's the balmy effects of a sauce that continues to linger for hours. You will feel the heat, guaranteed.

Exploding Cherry Logo

Exploding Cherry (XXXX):

Put this fiery sauce in a shot glass and shoot it with your friends. It is a great way to see who can tame the fiery beast. A BBQ hot sauce lovers dream.

  Specialty Sauce

Sweet Cherry Horseradish Sauce

Sweet Cherry Horseradish:

Our specialty sauce. The perfect amount of horseradish finished off by a hint of dill.

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